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The Dry Spy loyalty program is created to offer our most devoted patrons with exclusive privileges and advantages. To enrol in the program, customers must sign up for the club, and while the membership is free, we require personal information that is secured by our data protection protocol.


The program provides a variety of rewards and benefits, including discounts on food and beverages, early access to new menu items, invitations to exclusive events, special treats on birthdays, and much more. Members who visit our bar or restaurant more frequently are more likely to receive additional rewards and benefits.


Our aim is to keep our members informed about the program's rewards and benefits through various communication channels such as email, social media, or mobile applications. Additionally, we offer special promotions and deals to our members through these channels.


The most thrilling aspect of our loyalty program is the members' access to exclusive events that we host. These events, such as tasting evenings, offer distinctive and unforgettable experiences that are exclusively available to our program members.

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The Dry Spy Prohibition Club is a clandestine organisation, and a haven for people who wish to enjoy alcohol within the confines of discreet locations.  The club is only open to members who have been vetted by the club's organisers and has a secret password to ensure that only trusted individuals are allowed in on club nights.

By signing up you agree to receive emails from DrySpy LTD and DrySpy Knowle LTD featuring offers, information and events. You can unsubscribe at any time by emailing Some of our events are hosted by Back Door Productions, by ticking the above you are happy with this. View our Privacy Policy by clicking

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